Monday, 18 April 2011

Do You Suffer From Recurrent Acne/Skin Outbreaks?
You must have tried numerous skin products promising to keep Acne at bay,but after initial
success,Acne tends to recur,ever wondered why? Yes? Then this blog is for you!
Most acne-controlling products contain topical antibiotics which treat the buildup of bacteria in the already existing acne turning them into ghastly pustules,some products have astringent properties to remove excess skin oil.Despite all claims they fail to prevent further recurrence of Acne,leaving you frustrated!
This is because acne is just an outer manifestation of the turmoil within your body.The Mystery lies in our body!Believe it or not our body is completely capable of healing and protecting itself from disease causing agents or substance abuse,having an inbuilt defence mechanism.Whenever our body is exposed to external abuse in the form of infectious agents,pollutants,chemicals etc,or there is internal turmoil like food related allergies, allergies in general,hormonal disbalances,mental/physical stress,our body is set to its defensive mode ,and directs the disease process or inner turbulence from the more important vital organs to the least important organ(bodywise),i.e Skin.This may manifest as acne(most commonly),rashes,blotches,etc.
So the key to an acnefree skin lies in setting this internal dyscrasia right leading to a healthy,glowing and flawless skin!!
Now how to do this requires another discussion.If you are interested watch this space for more.