Monday, 2 January 2012

How to Build Strong Relationships!

Hi Friends!! I know I have been away for long this time, was spending quality time with my family and friends. It’s great to connect to all my friends through networking sites, but it cannot undermine the value of actually meeting each other, which exudes so much warmth, strengthening our bonding. So I was busy socializing and connecting. We human beings are social animals; we need to be connected to others. We live and thrive on relationships and therefore it’s important that we build strong relationships with those we love. A nurturing relationship can make you whiz past all the challenges of life. A bad relationship can on the other hand, make your life a living hell. However, a certain amount of conflict exists in all relationships. A successful relationship needs some investment of time and understanding. Here are some effective ways to build meaningful relationships:
  •          REVIVE the FAMILY DINNER HOUR, in whatever way works best for you! One of the key factors for strengthening family ties is having a family dinner, where family members can connect, slow down, share problems, and plan for the next day.
  •          Block unpleasant memories to stay calm and positive. Remember positive people are not easily drawn into conflicts and have strong relationships.
  •          Socialize with a cheerful person in your neighborhood to feel happy.
  •          Avoid character judgments and abuse of your family members, when they make a mistake. Harsh words tend to break relationships.
  •          Your child is an individual. Don’t stifle his/ her independence. Try to be friendly and not assertive.
  •          Carve out special one-on-one time for your spouse and kids every day.
  •          Spend more time with your friends for a dose of happy hormones as well as lifelong bonding. If they stay far away, try to stay in touch through cell phones or social networking sites.
  •          Communicate frequently with your spouse to cope with marital anger and rift. Remember your partner’s positives to get rid of anger. Use pronouns such as “we”, “us” and “our” during a marital rift.
  •          Respect your partner’s interests as well as work demands to minimize conflicts. If your spouse is dealing with hectic schedules and time constraint, try to be more understanding and less demanding, because that is probably what your partner needs the most at that time.
  •         Share chores with your partner for a happier couple life, your partner will love the initiative and will sure try to do the same for you, this way you’ll get to spend more time with each other too. 
  •          Spend some time with your parents daily, even if it’s for 15 minutes so they don’t feel neglected. Call them daily if they live faraway.
  •         Last but not the least; make peace with the key relationships in your life for a better present and future. You can’t live without them anyway, so why not learn to live with them peacefully!
  •         However if unfortunately you are stuck in an abusive relationship or have some really difficult people as your relatives, you need to know tips to tackle such people. Watch out for my next post that contains tips to deal with difficult people.
These pearls of wisdom come from behavioral therapists and people with strong family ties. Try them for long-lasting relationships and a better you.