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Acne Free Skin:From Mystery To Reality GOLDEN RULE TO HARMONY#2

Golden rule to Harmony#2

In my previous post, I had told you guys about the 3 Golden Rules to Harmony. I had discussed in detail the first rule-Detoxify or Declutter. Refer my previous post if you are seeing this blog for the first time .If you have followed the first step then its time to take the next. So, here’s the Golden Rule to Harmony#2:


While discussing the First Golden Rule to Harmony, we had envisioned human body as a room and after the initial step of decluttering the room; we need to reorganize it to set it in order. Apply the same wisdom to your own body, you had cluttered it with over-eating and wrong dietary choices and after cleansing and detoxifying your system you need to provide it with the right amount of nutrition it requires to maintain and sustain the vital energy inside you.

Our skin undergoes a constant renewal just like our other body cells; a new layer of skin replaces the previous one in about 20-22 days. After the circulating toxins are removed from your blood through Detoxification (read the Golden Rule to Harmony#1 in my previous post), it is mandatory to make the right dietary choices that help in formation of healthy skin cells.

If you have been suffering from Acne Vulgaris /Acne indurata the most unsightly variant of Acne then you also need some medication that promotes healthy skin formation and treats pustules. Mostly medication is given on the basis of your general symptoms and co-existing medical complications if any.

Here are some steps to ensure healthy skin formation:

  • Eat a well balanced and nutritious diet comprising of whole grains, milk, cottage cheese, cooked and raw veggies, seasonal and fresh fruits, lentils and maintain adequate hydration by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  • Cut back on too fatty/spicy food as it causes increased production of Sebum, causing greasy skin and skin outbreaks due to clogging of skin pores by excess sebum.
  • Take fibre rich diet such as fibrous fruits, leafy veggies, grains/Flour with husk, sprouted lentils, at least once a day.
  • Take Spirulina flakes/capsules as dietary supplement if you can, its rich in proteins and fibres and has a very high antioxidant content as well, no doubt its referred to as the “Wonder Food”. But this is optional.
  • Have water melon juice in summers.
  • Have pomegranate juice for that enviable glowing skin, daily.
  • Mostly medicine is prescribed on the basis your individual symptoms. If you want free medical advice from me just leave your query as comment, I’ll answer back as soon as I can.
  • For pustules and Acne indurata take R#53 drops/ (10 drops+1tsp water)/TDS. Wonderful homoeopathic combination by Reckeweg.
  • Proper skin cleansing regime is to be maintained to remove excess grime and dead skin cells from your face.
  • As far as acne creams/skin products are concerned, I’m not too supportive of them because I believe in the age-old wisdom what you put in your stomach affects your skin more than what you put on your face.
  • But you can use a proper Moisturizer for oily skin; you have to work out which one suits your skin most. My personal favorite is Witch Hazel; Aloe Vera gel, moisturizers with Blue Berry extract, are also good options. If you already have a skin product that suits you well then you may keep using that, as I have stated earlier it hardly matters, all you need is to hydrate your skin, internally as well as topically.

Follow this regime for at least 2 -3 weeks. Try avoiding exposure to direct and harsh sunlight for optimum results.

Golden Rules to Harmony#1&2 will definitely help you in your quest for acquiring flawless skin, but to maintain it forever requires a few more steps, Golden Rule to Harmony#3 covers the maintenance part. In my next post I’ll unfold the third rule, so keep watching this space for more. Do follow this blog if you want optimum results.

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Acne Free Skin: From Mystery to Reality! GOLDEN RULE TO HARMONY#1

In my previous post Acne Free Skin:From Mystery to Reality I had told you folks about the real reason behind the recurrence of Acne,in this blog we are going to read as to how to treat the inner malady/dyscrasia,the real villian behind the appearance of those unsightly acne and blotches.
To make it simple and easy to comprehend,let's liken our body to a well furnished room,let's say your room.Well equipped,here liken the internal organs to the appliances and furnishings.
Now how will you harmonise your internal system?The same way you set a dishevelled room in order!There are 3 steps in which you can put your room/body or let's say just about anything to order be it your mind,life,relationships...the list may prolong depending on your resourcefulness.This is what I have conjured up as a medical practitioner for 10 years now,and a 100% success rate in treating Acne and preventing its recurrence.
So I present to you the"Three Golden Rules to Harmony",as suggested by our Vedic Scriptures:
Golden Rule#1:- Declutter or Detoxify
So to redecorate a room/body the first step is to remove all waste/toxic buildups.We literally litter our body with junk food,chemicals,drugs,stimulants,and not to forget binge eating.Though our bodies have inbuilt detoxifying chambers what we call kidneys,still the amount of abuse we do to our bodies require some additional help.We need to do some washing internally that requires increased water intake,certain cleansers for the fatty buildups,my personal favourite Vitamin C,especially present in Citrus fruits,grapefruits,artechokes,and our very own wonderfruit,emblic fruit or Amla.For the toxins that penetrate deeper,we need deep acting cleansers such as antioxidants found in aloe vera, coloured fruits and leafy vegetables.
To summarise,in order to cleanse our system we should follow these steps:
*Have ample water.
*You may squeeze a few drops of lemon juice in a glass of water and add honey(optional),and have this first thing in the morning.
*Take fruit juices and mix in some seasonal veggies to enhance the mineral and vitamin content.
*Have Echinacea extract diluted with water(10-12 drops+14 cup of water),thrice a day,for 15 days.Echinacea is a powerful detox agent,even flushes out toxins caused by insect bites.
*Have at least 4-5 servings of seasonal fruit and veggies.I'm stressing on seasonal ones,because Nature provides all protection we need from climatic changes in the fruits and vegetables of that season.
*Take a walk.Walking/exercising flushes out toxins from our bodies through sweat.
*Maintain external hygiene.
*Bathing with sea water/salted water at least once a month also removes all energy blocks and also removes all negative disease energy from your physical as well as astral body.
Cleansing of your system may take a week.I advice you to follow the above steps for at least a week.
I'll discuss about the next rule in my next post.So follow this blog if you find it helpful.