Saturday, 7 May 2011

Acne Free Skin: From Mystery to Reality! GOLDEN RULE TO HARMONY#1

In my previous post Acne Free Skin:From Mystery to Reality I had told you folks about the real reason behind the recurrence of Acne,in this blog we are going to read as to how to treat the inner malady/dyscrasia,the real villian behind the appearance of those unsightly acne and blotches.
To make it simple and easy to comprehend,let's liken our body to a well furnished room,let's say your room.Well equipped,here liken the internal organs to the appliances and furnishings.
Now how will you harmonise your internal system?The same way you set a dishevelled room in order!There are 3 steps in which you can put your room/body or let's say just about anything to order be it your mind,life,relationships...the list may prolong depending on your resourcefulness.This is what I have conjured up as a medical practitioner for 10 years now,and a 100% success rate in treating Acne and preventing its recurrence.
So I present to you the"Three Golden Rules to Harmony",as suggested by our Vedic Scriptures:
Golden Rule#1:- Declutter or Detoxify
So to redecorate a room/body the first step is to remove all waste/toxic buildups.We literally litter our body with junk food,chemicals,drugs,stimulants,and not to forget binge eating.Though our bodies have inbuilt detoxifying chambers what we call kidneys,still the amount of abuse we do to our bodies require some additional help.We need to do some washing internally that requires increased water intake,certain cleansers for the fatty buildups,my personal favourite Vitamin C,especially present in Citrus fruits,grapefruits,artechokes,and our very own wonderfruit,emblic fruit or Amla.For the toxins that penetrate deeper,we need deep acting cleansers such as antioxidants found in aloe vera, coloured fruits and leafy vegetables.
To summarise,in order to cleanse our system we should follow these steps:
*Have ample water.
*You may squeeze a few drops of lemon juice in a glass of water and add honey(optional),and have this first thing in the morning.
*Take fruit juices and mix in some seasonal veggies to enhance the mineral and vitamin content.
*Have Echinacea extract diluted with water(10-12 drops+14 cup of water),thrice a day,for 15 days.Echinacea is a powerful detox agent,even flushes out toxins caused by insect bites.
*Have at least 4-5 servings of seasonal fruit and veggies.I'm stressing on seasonal ones,because Nature provides all protection we need from climatic changes in the fruits and vegetables of that season.
*Take a walk.Walking/exercising flushes out toxins from our bodies through sweat.
*Maintain external hygiene.
*Bathing with sea water/salted water at least once a month also removes all energy blocks and also removes all negative disease energy from your physical as well as astral body.
Cleansing of your system may take a week.I advice you to follow the above steps for at least a week.
I'll discuss about the next rule in my next post.So follow this blog if you find it helpful.


  1. So where in a normal city in India would someone find Echinacea?

  2. In any Homoeopathic store in India/abroad


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