Saturday, 8 October 2011

Acne-Free Skin: From Mystery to Reality

Golden Rule To Harmony#3

In my previous posts we had discussed in detail about the root cause of Skin outbreaks and their recurrance,and in Golden Rules To Harmony 1 & 2, we had discussed about the treatment of Acne and Skin Rashes.The third Rule to Harmony is all about maintaining the healthy skin you will acquire by following the first two Rules(scroll down to my previous posts if you haven't gone through them before) and preventing the Recurrence of Acne.So without much Ado let us move on to the third rule to Harmony i.e. Simplify.
Yes,after Detoxifying and Reorganizing your system the third step is to Simplify,apply it to anything you want to harmonize,simplify your food choices eat whatever is simple to digest,such as fresh fruits and vegetables,juices. If you can't skip complex foods such as grains and non veg options at-least try to have whole grains instead of refined grains,pick up lean white meats such as chicken and fish instead of red meat,these are lighter and easier to digest.
Its all about making some smart choices,do not overburden your stomach,do not clutter your body with wrong food choices.Choose well to live well and that applies to your thoughts as well,do not clutter your mind with negative emotions,apply the third Rule of Simplifying here as well,replace all your negative thoughts with lighter and positive ones.
I know its boring to read through long paragraphs so here are the smart tips that will help you visualise the underlying concept of this Rule:
  • Once you have put your system in order its time to identify the Maintaining Causes i.e. the causes which cause the recurrence of Acne and hinder their complete cure.
  • Maintaining Causes may be Heredity,in that case you will need full constitutional treatment that will alter the expression of your genes.
  • In case you do not have genetic predisposition to Acne then the Maintaining causes may be Climatic,Cosmetic,Dietary,Mental or a combination of these.
  • Climatic causes include living in warm,humid weather,causing oily skin due to over activity of Sebaceous Glands.This problem can be easily sorted by frequently washing the face with tepid water to wash away dirt and grime buildup on your face.Applying skin serum or Aloe Vera Gel will smoothen and relax your skin.
  • Cosmetic causes can be taken care of by opting for milder skin friendly cosmetics and careful removal of makeup before retiring to bed at night.
  • Go for no makeup look whenever possible remember its imperative to let the skin breathe to maintain its glow.
  • Dietary causes can be taken care of by opting for foods that are easier to digest,such as fresh fruits,veggies,liquid diet.
  • When opting for grains go for whole grains,esply sprouted ones as they are fiber rich and easy to digest .
  • Go for white and lean meats such as chicken and fish instead of red meats such as mutton,beef.
  • Its all about simplifying your life by letting go of unhealthy choices and replacing them with smart,simple choices.
  • Let go of harmful negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with positive and bright thoughts and emotions.
  • Remember you have to Choose Well to Live Well.
This winds up the topic on Acne,hope this will help you in acquiring the smooth Acne-free Skin you have been aspiring for.As to the efficacy of these methods let me assure you they are well tested with hundreds of patients with full success.
The Next Topic of Discussion will be some Lifestyle Disorder,do watch this space and recommend it to all those who are looking for a solution in alternative therapies.

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