Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My DIY Project-Madhubani Cushion Cover

Hello, all my wonderful friends! I know this Blog is about Holistic Wellness and I've been faithfully sticking to the theme in my previous posts, but this post is dedicated to all the Lovely, Creative people whose blogs I've been following, cos they are the real inspiration behind this overflow of creative juices, which had been lying dormant inside me since a long long time!

I had this off-white plain cushion cover which I decided to give a makeover by hand painting it with Acrylic colors. I took inspiration from a Madhubani painting by Vidushini, which I found on web. Since I could not trace it so I drew it free-hand on the cushion cover, and proceeded to fill colors. I selected colors that I wanted to incorporate in my existing Decor.
Sorry, I didn't take any pics of the making since I wasn't sure of the outcome, since this is the first time I've tried my hand at fabric painting.
Here's the pic of the half-finished project..

Hmm didn't look that bad to me, but the area on left side looked blank, so I decided to draw something on the left corner to balance it, also I painted the base color to copper. Here's the pic which my son took for me..

And here comes the finished product, TA DA-AA...

And now its time to experiment with the placing, I've tried it out in several ways,please do tell me your opinion on the same.
Please be honest but try not to be too harsh please!! Do consider this is my first project of this kind, and there's always scope for betterment in the next project.

So please have a dekko n KEEP INSPIRING ME AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

Finishing this project gave me immense pleasure, and a much needed break from my daily routine even if the break was only for an hour everyday! Creative hobbies like these also serve as memory boosters besides being the stress buster.
OOPS ...Sorry got a little carried away !!
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If you don't, no prob-ss... I'm not going to stop anyway, already started the next DIY!!!!!!

By the way linking to Patricia's blog Colours Decor for the weekly blog party 

Giveaway & The Weekly Story ~ wk 54. Wish me luck! Too nervous though, already biting my nails!!

Thanks for visiting. And I really value and appreciate your comments on my blog!!!!

Have a smart living!!!!!!


  1. That is stunning work!! wow!! wow!! well done!! :-)

  2. lovely work

  3. Awesome work

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  4. Hey Charu,
    The painted cushion is really are so talented!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment:)

  5. thats very beautiful!! I am going to try this sometime soon!!

  6. Awesome it is and goes well with all colours.


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