Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Look gorgeous this Festive season

Its Festive time of the year once again. Like everyone around, this festive frenzy has caught hold of me too. We all know those days of rigorous cleaning around the house, resetting of the wardrobes, bringing out the winter clothing out of the closet, redecorating the house, umpteen shopping sprees and hence overexposure to the harsh sunlight, unhealthy and binge eating(not for me though I always choose light and healthy eating options even in the market place). Obviously with such a tight schedule who gets time for exercise or skincare! To top it all, this changing weather is also favorable for viral and bacterial infections.
 So, I got a real shocker when I saw my tanned, dry looking, tired face in the mirror last weekend while checking out the beautiful new outfit I had bought for myself. My eyes looked stressed with dark circles around them, my rigorous work hours and fasting had taken its toll on my face. I can visualize so many of you nodding in approval, especially the working mothers like me.
NO, I don’t wish to dampen your festive spirit! On the contrary I just want to remind you that having a glowing, smooth skin is mandatory to looking Gorgeous in those wonderful outfits you are planning to flaunt on the big day.
But thankfully I have been able to restore much of the glow on my face, thanks to the skin regime I’ve been following since last 7 days, my under eye circles are almost gone, my skin is smooth once again and my complexion is improving each day. Excited by my results I want to share these beauty quick fixes with you all!! Of course you would get better and long lasting results if you follow the following steps religiously and continue even after festivals.
So, here are the Top 10 easy Tips to Look Gorgeous this Festive Season…
1.       Drink Plenty Of Water- Changing weather causes skin dryness. The best way to rehydrate your skin is to have ample water, at least 10-14 glasses of water daily; especially if you have been observing fasts, like me. Take a glass of water first thing in the morning, have a glass of it half an hour before and after each major meals, take vegetable/fruit juices between meals at least twice a day, have a glass of water half an hour before retiring to bed. This way you’ll have at least 10 glasses of water a day. Remember fluid intake less than this won’t do the trick.
2.       Take Fresh Fruits- Take a bowl full of fruit salad instead of snacks between meals. Carry an apple with you to workplace or market so you can have a quick snack whenever you feel hungry or low in energy. Besides being good for cardiovascular health, apples are rich in pectin, which cause a feeling of fullness and hence cut down your chances of opting for some unhealthy snack.
3.       Massage with Olive Oil- Try this simple step, massage your arms and legs with olive oil, massage it sparingly on your face, Olive Oil is very light and rich in monounsaturated fat, so it gets easily absorbed by skin without leaving any residue. Also, despite being a little expensive than other oils, it is still a much cheaper option when compared to the skin products and beauty oils, so why not go for it.
4.       Apply a mix of Sandalwood powder and milk- Make a paste of the two, and apply it as face pack, let it dry then wash off with water. Dab on a little rosewater with a cotton ball on your face afterwards. This simple pack will take care of the suntan and will also fight sunburns.
5.        Always remove Make-up before going to bed- Use a facial wash that contains salicylic acid, to remove make-up and dislodge debris.

6.       Use a Face Serum- It reduces wrinkles, smoothens up the skin instantly, and increases exfoliation. Use it twice a day, at bedtime and as a makeup base during daytime. Use just a small amount, not more than the size of a rice grain. Besides it just takes only a minute so why wouldn’t you use it.
7.       Apply Moisturizer- Apply moisturizer on freshly washed skin. Use moisturizer atop the face-serum to enhance its effect, if you have a dry skin. For oily/ normal skin type only the face-serum would suffice. Preferably use a moisturizer with SPF 15, and which contain AHAs, vitamins.
8.       Use an under-eye roll-on- Personally I’ve been using a roll-on that is rich in caffeine. It is excellent in relieving the day-long stress in the eyes. Use it twice a day for optimum results.
9.       Deep Breathe- Deep breathe for 5 minutes, at least twice a day you can easily do it at workplace, at home while doing chores, even while shopping. Expand your lungs fully by inhaling deeply, and then exhale slowly. This will have a calming effect on you, and the increased oxygen level in your body will invigorate you. Make this all the more effective by visualizing a clear, milky white energy entering your face with each inspiration; now visualize all the disease energy, colored dark brown, being thrown out of your face with each expiration. This technique is used by Pranic Healers, do it to see the magic of it.
10.   Learn some Make-up tricks- Last but not the least, I know there’s very little time to the Festival, and if you don’t get enough time to get the whole benefit of this regime , then try out these little tricks to look a million bucks on the big day.
·         Use a foundation a shade lighter than your skin tone to combat the darkening effect of sun.
·         Go for a yellow tinted foundation which looks natural on all skin tones.
·         Use Vaseline/petroleum gel on your lips sparingly after applying lipstick to make them look fuller.
·         For brighter eyes, use a little glitter liner on upper lid, curl lashes and apply several coats of Mascara.
·         Use a concealer to lighten under eye dark circles.

It is time to signoff. Hope these tips help you the way they helped me. So without delay start implementing these Top 10 Tips and look Gorgeous this festive season. Have a great living.

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